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Uploading files

Ok, the Box.net widget seems to work for uploading documents.  It was easy enough to create sub-folders and organize my documents.  I don’t like that I have to download the files to my PC then open them.  I would rather click a link or an icon and have the file open.

Another concern, one I haven’t looked too deeply into yet, is the access permissions.  It looks like any other blog that allows you to open it up for the entire world to see or it lets you pick who you want to grant access.  I need to dig deeper to see if I can set different permissions on different folders in the Box widget.  I may have to do that on the Box.net site.  So far it isn’t too bad.  I guess after a few entries, a few files, and a check of the folder securities I’ll have something to show the faculty to get their take on it.


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